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What did people vote for in the 1975 referendum?

Many people who voted to leave the EU reason that they only voted to remain in the common market or EEC in the 1975 referendum. They allege that they did not vote for a political union or a ‘United States/USSR of Europe’. However, … Continue reading

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The United States of Europe

Today, on Remembrance Sunday, it seemed fitting to remember why we should come together in peace, rather than pull apart in hate. Below is Churchill’s speech given in Zurich on the 19th September 1946 about the tragedy in Europe. At … Continue reading

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‘Enemies of the People,

get out of the way of the German Common People’s will.’ A copy of a tweet by Conor Gearty@conorgearty – LSE academic and barrister

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The Rise of UKIP

Why we should have voted and why it may now be too late At the last general election UKIP garnered 12.6% of the vote in the United Kingdom. This represented a significant proportion of the population mainly from the South of … Continue reading

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