The Chamber of Secrets has been opened…Beware

An Old Woman at a Window emptying a Chamber Pot by after Frans van Mieris the elder (Leyden 1635 - Leyden 1681)

An Old Woman at a Window emptying a Chamber Pot (Sleazy Bess) by Frans Van Mieris 1635 – 1681

The Overton Window is a political theory, developed by Joseph P Overton, that refers to the range of policies that the public will accept. So whilst the BNP were unacceptable in just 2009, their policies are now mainstream. The Overton Window has been opened…Beware

BNP Campaign Poster 2009

The revolving door from the National Front to the BNP to UKIP to The Conservative Party has shifted the centre ground to the right. The ‘New Dawn‘ (BNP Campaign Video 1997) has finally risen. And it would appear that John Tyndall, the Neo-Nazi founder of the British National Party, the man with the combover, was actually ahead of his time on political policy.

The Front National in France, a party founded by Neo-fascists, Vichy apologists and holocaust deniers in 1972, has followed the same trajectory. Repackaged by Marine Le Pen, having dropped the troublesome anti-semitism, it secured 1 in 5 of the French votes in round one of the presidential election. What’s more it finds support in the oh so free British press, with its own revolving door of Breitbart journalists. It really wouldn’t be much of a leap for some wannabe rightwing populist in Germany to repackage the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and say, “we’re different now, we support the ordinary German”.

As Aaron Banks (the biggest UKIP and donor, though nobody in Clacton knows who he is) says in his April 2017 interview with Carole Cadwalladr:

“The needle on public opinion has shifted so far now. And trying to shift it back is as hard as it was for us to shift it the other way. There’s people protesting, all the rest of it. But the fact is, they’re not going to shift public opinion. It has shifted. It is what it is. It’s permanent.”

And there’s a man who knows how the general public can be swayed with some strategically placed digital advertising and media lies. He is wrong on one thing though, it’s not permanent – that’s just hot air. The Overton Window has been opened…Beware Turkey 2


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