‘Give the elites a good-kicking’ and other Brexiteer nonsense


Jumbo 16 months old 41 stone bred by J Young, Newholm, Yorkshire

Numerous Leave voters have tried to distance themselves from accusations of racism by claiming they just wanted to give the elites a good-kicking. However, the fact that they are now voting Tory to give Teresa May a mandate for who knows what, exposes the truth that it was really about immigrants all along.

From where I’m sitting the elites look like Tories and just a brief game of matching houses to Tory MPs creates a rather useful visual shortcut to illustrate this fact.

For those who missed the fawning coverage of Pippa Middleton’s wedding in the right-wing ‘keep the plebs in their place’ media, here’s whose house it was:

Richard Benyon, Tory MP for Newbury, Englefield House, Berkshire
Englefield House Richard Benyon Newbury

Another example, closer to home:

Richard Grovesnor Plunkett Ernie Erle Drax, Tory MP for South Dorset, Charborough House, Dorset

Charborough House Richard Drax South Dorset

Incidentally, 6 of Richard Drax’s ancestors were also MPs and Richard Benyon’s father was an MP and he is the great-great grandson of Lord Salisbury PM.  These people really do take voters for granted and have done for generations. What’s more, so many people in the south like to stereotype northerners, saying they vote for Labour because that’s what they have always done. Well, taking a look at at how many times seats such as North Dorset have been out of Tory hands, you have to conclude that a pig with a blue rosette pinned to it would win – albeit with an unobjectionable blue suit, smarmy manners and a pedigree to match.

Finally, another dodge against accusations of racism was the idea we would take control of our borders. Well firstly, we do have control of our borders and secondly, it would help if the Border Force budget hadn’t been cut by 25% from 2011-2016 (The Telegraph). All during Teresa May’s watch as the longest serving Home Secretary in 50 years. So, more Brexiteer nonsense really. I was going to go on about police cuts, but the opposition seems to have got its act together on that front, so I won’t.

Personally, I want the Tories to win but by not much. Brexit negotiations will be a political hot potato. The truth will slowly emerge, unless we seriously become some Big Brother type society overnight. You can’t polish a turd – well you can if you make it rich enough and maybe throw in a title – and you can’t have the ‘politics of envy’ both ways. Was Brexit really about the elites and the working class?

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