Watching Question Time last night I couldn’t help coming to the conclusion that we’ve gone absolutely mad. There’s some very wound up and angry people in our country, who aren’t really thinking things through. You can’t claim to want to preserve a Christian country and then advocThe Four Riders of the Apocalypseate using nuclear weapons.

Let’s just look at Trident. The reason that the nukes are on submarines is that so when Britain is a smouldering cinder, we can make sure that millions of other innocent people are also smouldering cinders. Does that make you feel good?

The best defence against a rogue state such as North Korea, is indeed diplomatic pressure. But if all else fails a missile defence system. Alternatively, if we became more like Switzerland or Norway and happily wealthy, healthy and comfortable in our own position in the world, no one would be interested in bombing us anyway.

The Four Horsemen, from the Apocalypse by Albrecht Durer, 1498

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bad enough and they were small in comparison to what we have now. Take a look at the image below or click on this link for an excellent chart from Business Insider UK.


The image shows the destructive power of Tsar Bomba, the Soviet RDS-220, which remains the most destructive explosion ever detonated by man. 1400 times bigger than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined and 10 times the entire fire power expended in WWII.

So, the complete destruction zone – flattened by the explosion itself, atomic winds and a firestorm. No survivors. Although you may want to be there, because dying of radiation sickness and extreme burns in the outer zones in as little as 7 days won’t be a picnic either.

As for the rest of the country, depending on which way the wind blows there will be some radioactive fallout, and add in a complete, overnight collapse of infrastructure and the economy, are you still going to feel better knowing innocent people in some foreign country are just as screwed as you are? If so, you are morally bankrupt and that is not because I’m a wet Liberal.

People used to grow up with the fear of nuclear war, the CND movement, Greenpeace, programmes such as Threads and graphic novels such as Raymond Briggs’, ‘When the Wind Blows’. I’m not one for scaring people, but suggesting using these disgusting, depraved and immoral devices really does need thinking through. Not to mention the fact that it’s akin to paying for your own funeral – only a very expensive one. Trident has an estimated cost of £167 billion over its 30 year lifespan, £5.56 billion per year. Follow the money, it’s not being built to make us safer.


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One Response to M.A.D

  1. Joe Bailey says:

    I keep asking WHO/WHERE is this country/terrorist who is just waiting for Corbyn to be elected so they can fire a nuclear missile only at the UK…No answers so far…

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