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‘Give the elites a good-kicking’ and other Brexiteer nonsense

Jumbo 16 months old 41 stone bred by J Young, Newholm, Yorkshire Numerous Leave voters have tried to distance themselves from accusations of racism by claiming they just wanted to give the elites a good-kicking. However, the fact that they … Continue reading

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What did people vote for in the 1975 referendum?

Many people who voted to leave the EU reason that they only voted to remain in the common market or EEC in the 1975 referendum. They allege that they did not vote for a political union or a ‘United States/USSR of Europe’. However, … Continue reading

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Nationalist Mythologies

  The following beautifully written extract sprang to mind in the aftermath of the EU referendum. Whilst the Brexit slogans are mere ersatz echoes of Nazi propaganda, they do nevertheless signal a shift towards previously marginalised political leanings. The quotation follows a conversation … Continue reading

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